A warm Lancashire welcome...

Our wonderful British Pub, set in the idyllic English village of Pleasington caters for your every need


The Railway is located in a small quaint semi-rural English village situated in Pleasington Blackburn.

Pleasington is just 5 minutes from J3 M65 heading toward Blackburn. As the name suggests, there is local train station only 50 yds away with trains passing every 30 mins or so. The Railway is recognised by CAMRA for its award-winning cask ales, lagers, wines and soft drink options. The Railway offers delicious and affordable pub food served by Lancashire warm and friendly staff.

The Railway was refurbished in the spring of 2014 and improvements are ongoing (especially around the bowling green). The Railway Bowling Club is a vibrant collection of young and old who welcome new members, visitors, club teams, bowling parties and TOP bowlers. There are significant improvements to the bowling and spectator facilities which complement warm sunny days and a beer!

Community Central

The Railway’s atmosphere is special, it’s a ‘local’ to all and offers a place for people to interact. There are multiple sets of Railway communities: the locals, the bowlers, the darters, the golfers, the football fans, the walkers, the quizzers, the beer lovers, the families, the ‘going outers’, the remembers and not forgetting the breakfasters… all share the friendliness and safe environment that is the Railway.

The Live Events are special and very well attended. Railway Bowling Club Competitions provide for excellent competition across a range of skills and the after club-match refreshments make playing at The Railway – special.

Mark and Ann manage The Railway and have in a very short period of time become central to all communities. An English Pub is special and The Railway is one of the finest examples – visit to experience why.

Opening Times

Opening times

Pub                          Food

Sun     9.30 –  23.00    9.30 – 18.30
Mon  14.00 – 23.00    No service
Tues  14.00 – 23.00   No Service
Wed  12.00 – 24.00   12.00 – 19.00
Thur  12.00 – 24.00   12.00 – 19.00
Fri      12.00 – 24.00   12.00 – 19.00
Sat       9.30 – 24.00     9.30 – 18.30


Bowling Green

Come and play, watch and enjoy bowling at the Railway. The Bowling leagues start in April through to September. The green is ‘Open’ between March and October. Visiting Bowling Parties enjoy fantastic facilities, food, and an excellent green. Bowling is much more than the stereotype perception of an ‘old person’s game’. At The Railway we have bowlers who represent East Lancaster and Champions of the North Lancs and Fylde competitions.

Play for fun, exercise, and enjoyment. Join in a team and enter our Open Competitions if you can.

TV Entertainment

The Railway provides communal access to SKY, BT Sports and all terrestrial channels to capture those ‘special’ events. Keep your eye in the Railway Events section for communal TV events, come down, enjoy the atmosphere and make the event even more special.

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